Finding My Style of Bird Photography

Sparrow on the roof.

This quarter I have been doing a bird photography study. I wrote a previous article on some basic tips I found when researching bird photography as well as an article on the history of bird guides. My goal in this article is to reflect on my experience and talk about my own style and some … Read more

The People Behind Modern Bird Guides

When most people think about modern bird books, the first name that comes to mind is Peterson. Yet, many years before Roger Tory Peterson published his field guides – such as A Field Guide to the Birds in 1934 – the groundwork was being laid for the hobby of bird watching as we now know … Read more

An Introduction to Bird Photography

Marsh landscape with water fowl in the foreground and a hillside lit by the sun behind.

There are some very good articles on bird photography out there for you to read. This post aims to gather some of the concepts which I have found most useful and provide you with resources if you wish to dig deeper. This article assumes little to no experience with bird photography and birding in general. … Read more

Defining the Subject

As far back as I can remember I have been the kid set loose at the party with a camera. I took pictures of the fridge, the food, and the hallway. Not every photo is a work of art; yet the ones that bring me the most joy remind me of a moment or capture … Read more