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This album includes some pictures from my trip across the country, to Mt. Hood, and to Mt. Rainier.

Olympic National Park

From Rialto beach to the forests above, Olympic National Park is full of striking scenes. Here is a selection of shots from my trip there over the summer.


From sunsets to winter blue, the sky always has a different story to share. Many of these shots were taken in Walla Walla around sunset. However there are some the barren trees were shot out at Mt. Hood.


When taking pictures of waterfalls I often play with the shutter speed to see different ways the water can look. Here are some waterfalls I have taken pictures of over the last few years.


Walla Walla has freezing fog, which is one of the most beautiful things I never knew I was missing. Here are some pictures from around my home created by frost.


Honorable mentions to my dog. Yes he knows he is handsome.

General Gallery

These photos do not belong to a specific gallery but they felt like they belonged here as well.