Design works

Country Poster Designs: Comoros

I designed these posters for an assignment focusing on aspects of a specific country. These focus on the the culture, history, and flag of the island nation Comoros. I worked to incorporate elements of their national colors, flowers (to represent their perfume trade), and flag. I also included a piece of the last line of their national anthem “for the love of our great islands” in Arabic which is one of their official languages. This project was a great opportunity to research an area I was unfamiliar with and practice my digital painting skills. This was designed and created through photoshop. 

Renew Logo

Renew is a small group sabbath school on the Walla Walla University campus. When I took over the Renew instagram account our team decided to move away from announcing our discussion group leaders with personal portraits. I wanted to make sure that we maintained an element of Renew’s identity so I created a digital logo based on the old design on our weekly announcement board. I worked up a rough draft in Krita and finalized the design in illustrator. On most posts the design is in white, but will very based on the background.  


This design was based on a bar of Baker’s chocolate. I made up the brand Cocoburra as a play on words for the bird (kookaburra). I was going for a gentle illustrated feel for the logo and a professional but natural color scheme reminiscent of the ingredients. The interior of the packaging makes use of a pattern of cocoa beans. I have included some of my early sketches to the left. This design was completed with Adobe Illustrator.